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  • July 15 - 18, 10am - 2 pm ages 6 -1 2

    Starts Jul 15

    400 US dollars

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  • August 12 - 15, 10am - 2pm ages 6 -1 2

    Starts Aug 12

    400 US dollars

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I live in Kirkland, Washington where I teach art, in my home studio to kids… three of my most favorite things, all together in one place! I have been teaching for the last ten years and it is always colorful, fun and engaging. I love sparking imaginations and helping kids discover the power of creating. When I first started art classes I would give out goldfish crackers as a treat at the end. Kids were OBSESSED and soon every question seemed to be, "Is it time for goldfish yet?" the other question that came in second was, "Where is the top to my gluestick?".

Hence the name Goldfish and Gluesticks.



I love drinking La Croix but only if it’s warm and flat. Yep, that’s the truth.

I have, perhaps, the most supportive husband ever (ie: he turned the garage into an art studio for me!)

I hate cooking and easily ratchet up at the question, “What’s for dinner?”

I have a swing in my house.

I have four amazing kids and they are helpful and supportive of my creative side taking over our lives and our house.

In college I worked for a minor league baseball team. Part of my job was to do the “Boot Scoot Boogie” on the dugout during the 7th  inning stretch at which time I conveniently disappeared…

every. single. night.

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